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The Absurdist YouTube Channel Introduction

Welcome to The Absurdist, home to 9 Characters of absolute Chaos, uploading primarily Skits, gameplay videos, and so much more. This truly is a nonsense channel that we all hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment, explore our social media's, and fight in the comments.


The Absurdist [1]

The Streaker [2]

Uncle Ricky [3]

Killer Joe [4]

The Average Scottish Man [5]

Brother Blake [6]

Christian Guy [7]

Petey PTSD [8]

Paul the Psychic[9]



Timeline of The Channel

2016 - 2017

Around this point of the channel there was no direction, what was uploaded was more testing out my abilities to make a video, as well as uploading fun videos of TA and friends from childhood. All from either my fucked up camera, or my shitty little cell phone. [12][13][14]

Jan 21st, 2018 - Feb 26th, 2018

From this point the channel didn't have the personality it would later hold by this point, and at this point was under the name of Zander Maxumus. It was more of a channel for gameplay videos. The quality of the videos were always very weak[15], the set-up of each video was always confused and horribly misdirected[16]. Each montage was a rather disappointing or underwhelming experience[17], and the commentary was really terrible[18]. And the introduction to the second longest lasting character on the Channel for an episode of Brutal Doom[19], Christian Guy[20]. After this point there was a long lasting break on the channel due to problems in life.

Sept 14th, 2018

This date was a very important point, this was where the channel had developed it's first entirely original content[21]. If you aren't aware of what is being referred to here, is the "CumDumpster; The Movie". TA[22] created a text-based adventure game from the perspective of "The Streaker"[23] in his more primordial state. This overtly non-PC game follows no real story or structure, but rather attempts to convey the fever dream of The Streaker's[24] broken mind. It holds a bit of a charm however being completely devoid of visuals is very unappealing to most gamers of 2018+. This game can be found on The Absurdist website[25] where you can attempt this game yourselves.

Sept 16th, 2018 - Dec 23rd, 2018

This point on the content had a mild more personality to the channel, exploring to no end TA's[26] adoration for Halloween/Sauin/Samhain/Hallows'en[27][28]. As well there was the second appearance of Christian Guy[29] on the channel [30], with his more bombastic personality on display. As well many short clips used as transitions throughout later videos were uploaded, one of which has remained the most viewed video on the channel[31].

Jan 23rd, 2019 - May 31st, 2019

From this point on a larger variety of videos were uploaded. Beginning with the return of Christian Guy[32] in "Christian Guy Episode 3.5"[33]. Followed by the far better edited, condensed, and higher quality video for the first of the Fallout Series[34], "Fallout Shelter Ep 1"[35]. Followed then by a one of the latest of this channels skits, "Rape Prevention, Be Safe Out There"[36]. Showing off the more raunchy side of the channels concept of humour, as well as it's more risque attributes brought out more in the limelight as of late. It fails in the respect of it's more muted dialogue, failed editing, and bored expression with the content being presented.

Swifty after this, the fourth video featuring Christian Guy[37], "Karaok: To be Continued on Second Channel"[38]. Mixed with Wolfenstein: The New Order gameplay and acceptable editing for once. After which was an remarkable for the channel angry rant, "Woflenstein: The Old Colossal Angry Rant"[39]. This video hosts a rant about Golf, Ben Shapiro, Electricity Generated by Electricity, and one more. This was an introduction more to The Absurdist's brand of crazy that isn't really seen until later videos. A slew of unremarkable Subscriber Videos[40][41], as well as a music video edit for Leaving Las Vegas[42]. Then finally the introduction of The Absurdists' many Social Media platforms[43] with a quick delve into the insanity they ensue. Featuring Christian Guy[44] with some decent commentary finally, as well as a skit re-uploaded on the aforementioned second channel.

And finally, the second most viewed video on the entire YouTube channel. "Fear and Loathing in New Vegas"[45], a series of skits in the game Fallout New Vegas, with mass amounts of heavy editing and decent skits and ideas. Were they executed well? Possibly, but this is a critical analysis, so for all intents purposes, consider it's view and like ratio to speak more than this analysis.

June 17th, 2019

This date marked the introduction of the array of characters so openly spoken of on The Absurdists' Social Media's. In the first video[46] you are introduced to The Streaker[47], Petey PTSD[48], Uncle Ricky[49], and The Average Scottish Man[50]. The video was both filled with skits, as well as a commentary on multiple large YouTube channels such as Morgz[51] and JoJo Siwa[52]. The second follows simply a commentary on Buzzfeed[53], as well as a great skit with The Streaker[54] and Petey PTSD[55] at the end, as well as acceptable commentary throughout, though always consistently controversial. And the third comments on Jake Paul[56], ChuChu TV Songs for Children[57], Alltime Conspiracies[58], as well as the information as what had happened to TA from June 17th to now.

July 7th, 2019 - September 24th 2019

July 7th was when the channel's initial claim to fame, "Area 51 Raid Sept 20th"[59]. A video introducing us all the dynamics of the channel's cast and characters. Following this in the same day was Uncle Ricky's first installment in his Conspiracy Facts series, titled "Chemtrails [Proven]: Conspiracy Facts Hosted by Uncle Ricky"[60]. Offering the much needed ultra-conservative insanity of Uncle Ricky to the channel. July 14th would mark the second claim to fame with the first installment of the Top 7's series with "Top 7: Pranks"[61]. Here each of the characters have chosen their best pranks and it has been listed from worst to best. Real family content. "Drinking Belle Delphine's Bathwater" was released on July 16th a whole two days later, and offered the latest service of The Absurdist YouTube channel and franchise; Bottled Piss.

After a brief hiatus, the show would return with "If I Only had 60sec Left To Live"[62] on August 12th, starting off small with the following two increasing in their insanity. "72 Hour Challenge: Apologizing For Decline of Content; Omegle Edition"[63] August 21st, was the return of some real content to the channel. With each character attempting to converse with strangers on the internet. And finally followed with, "The Streaker's Survival Guide"[64], a drug fueled tour of the gang's safehouse.

And returning once more before any real change in content would occur, "Area 51 Raid [What Happened?]"[65], in honour of the original video it was following up.

September 29th & October 31st 2019

September 29th marked the first step towards the commentary focus that this channel has been moving towards in "@kylerlovesjesus is a Cunt | An Absurd Commentary"[66]. Also marking the first outing for The Absurdist's Satirical Commentary. Followed by October 31st's "Funny Games: An Absurdist Movie Review"[67], the first time the channel ever attempted an analytical review with minimal comedic jokes.

November 16th - 2019

November 16th marks the return of a consistent uploading schedule with another absurdist skit "Brandon Rogers Knock-Off : Can You Get All The Way To The End?"[68]. This was followed by the second skit preceding major productions, "Okay Boomer, What Can I Say?"[69] on November 28th.

Story and Settings


This show takes place in Chernobyl as of 2016, The Absurdist[70] and Christian Guy[71] decided to explore the ruins of Chernobyl as of TA's 18th birthday in 2015. Sadly enough they ended up stranded in Chernobyl, on site 251[72]. When they came across the most untouched house on site 251[73], they discovered an odd storage unit, and a camera. Once they had finally managed to get the camera working, the door managed to open. The storage room would inevitably come to be known as the entrance Dolores' Vagina[74] at site 251[75], and with this discovery, as well as the apparent schizophrenia as a symptom of the drug abuse and radiation poisoning, they managed to find a way through Dolores' Cunt[76] to find the other members of the group.


Uncle Ricky[77]

Uncle Ricky is in fact The Absurdist's[78] real Uncle. He had sexually abused him for the majority of his life and when TA[79] moved to Chernobyl, Uncle Ricky[80] swiftly came and found himself stranded with them. He has been hiding from his parole officer, Kenny Logins, ever since. Ultimately relinquishing his rights to personhood for protection from punishment in Dolores' Twat[81].

The Streaker [82]

The Streaker[83] wasn't always the way he was. Born under a name no one has ever known, he grew up in an unhealthy family home, and suffered such suffering throughout his life he indulged in violent amounts of alcohol. Inevitably following being charged for a drunken car crash, he was put into an AA group, in which he and TA[84] met. TA[85] came and began handing out hard liquor and cocaine to everyone and ultimately convinced The Streaker[86] to come with him to Site 251[87]. Here he decided to relinquish his personhood for a more entertaining and fulfilling life.

The Average Scottish Man[88]

TASM[89] or Sheamus[90], drunkenly wandered out of Dolores' Cunt[91] and made his existence known.

Killer Joe[92]

Killer Joe[93] was a serial killer operating in New Mexico from the mid-80's to 1999. After his friend and partner David Parker Ray[94] took the fall, the police suppressed their search for Joe as at the very least, an accomplice to David's Crimes. So Joe decided to move to the Ukraine, but when the police became very suspicious of his alias in country as "Henry Howard Houses", he fled to Chernobyl with his new friend, The Streaker[95]. And accidentally relinquished his personhood for his own safety from the police.

Brother Blake[96]

Brother Blake[97] was a member of the Manson Family during the 60's. He was urged to leave by Charlie[98] in search of his sister Jezebel[99], and her brother Salazar[100]. He found his way to Chernobyl Site 252[101], and was stranded there indefinitely, but he managed to start a family with the scriptures left to him by Charlie[102], and when TA and Christian discovered Dolores' Twat[103], he lead his family into the entrance and all were eviscerated by Dog[104], and he was left as the one true believer. He relinquished his personhood and ever since has been trying to convert the gang into Salazarians[105].

Christian Guy[106]

Christian[107] came to Chernobyl with The Absurdist[108], and have been trapped ever since.

Petey PTSD[109]

Petey[110] came here from the AA meeting with The Absurdist[111] and The Streaker[112]. He became great friends with The Streaker[113], but as The Streaker's[114] mind debilitated to where it is now, and they grew apart.


He has never spoken a word, but has dragged thousands back into the Vagina[116], he is truly a force to be reckoned with.


She oversees the gate to Dolores' vagina realm[118], and sets Dog[119] on whoever escapes the Vagina[120]. Only one Character may be released from the Vagina[121] when the camera turns off, and she moderates who. She's claimed the few who've entered Dolores' Vagina[122], who truly believe in her religion[123]. All else are claimed by Dolores[124].

Religions and Mythos


The Religion of which praising the creator of our world, Dolores[126]. Dolores represents freedom, of sex, love, drugs, vice, choices. She represents the morals of truth to one's sexuality and personality. Of truth of character.


This religion follows the belief system and the teachings of King Salazar[128]. This belief follows parallel to the belief system of Dolorecism[129]. Their church has been unwritten about but not non-existent up until this point, it is in fact, very, very real. King Salazar[130] preaches capitalism and in his name, monuments were built and Wall Street was born. Salazarism has become rather reclusive, but it can be offered to anyone who believes in hard work and decency.

Apocalypse Prophecy[131]

The Apocalypse prophecy is a long held belief founded in the religion of Dolorecism[132], it depicts the champions of Dolores[133] to all be trapped in the Undergrowth or Deadwood indefinitely, allowing for the King Salazar[134] and his knights to come to earth. Between the two religions, the general consensus is that there will be three attempts to instigate the Apocalypse, the first two being prevented by "The Saviour", an unknown champion of Dolores'[135] champions. And on the third attempt the saviour will fail, and he will die. Then the world will be undoubtedly changed.

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